The Short Video: A Digital Historian’s Useful Tool

As I learn more and more skills to put into my digital histories toolbag, the ability to make short concise historical videos is something not to be overlooked. There are many programs out there that one can use to make a video. Adobe premier, You Tube and Vimeo are just a few. I took a stab at making a video using Vimeo. What i didn’t realize is that the free version only allows you to record a 30 second video. NOT TO WORRY! The following video is the entire history (not even close) of the Klondike Gold rush in 30 seconds. DISCLAIMER: you will need to read the captions fast (or push pause). Here we go!

Videos that contain historical content are great when they are short and concise. However I freely admit that this “history in 30 seconds” video is a tad bit too “concise.” To show that my skills are not completely lacking when it comes to producing historical videos, I am including a video that I made for one of my other classes. It is titled “Why I Do History.” This is an 8 minute video that requires no speed reading. Sit back and enjoy!

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